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"Dear BGiL Pharma….your arrival on the African pharmaceutical platform is long overdue. Close to 100,000 deaths in Africa have been attributed to counterfeit drug sales according to the World Health Organisation (WHO). This number is at best a very conservative figure. Fake or adulterated anti-bacterial, anti-malarial and anti-tuberculosis drugs in particular have the potential to select for resistant pathogens that they should otherwise be eliminating. The thought of such occurrences becoming widespread is very worrying given the very rudimentary resources available for tracking drug resistant pathogens in limited resource settings"

Dr Jessie Bwanali, PhD
BioMedical Scientist, Malawi & Cambridge, England-UK
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"Traditional evidence based medicine has focused research and invested heavily on how to improve life expectancy very often at the expense of Quality of Life. To paraphrase one of the fathers of modern British medicine, Lord Hutchison, they have made the cure for these diseases more grievous to bear than the endurance of the same. In so doing they have opened a large gab in the medicine market. Only Nutritional Science can fill this large medicine gap because it is based on common sense. BGiL Pharma is timely, a most welcome idea for Africa and is ensuring we are not left behind in this all important era of The Medicines"

Dr Raymond Asongwe, MD
Family Physician, Edmonton, Alberta - Canada
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"Fraudulent medicines have proven to be harmful and at times fatal, as well as an increasingly lucrative area for organized criminal networks. The significant increase in reports of inferior quality anti-pathogenic agents, which in some cases are currently the only line of defense, points to a losing battle. There is an urgent need to push back this man-made public health hazard that has the potential to roll back many years of considerable gain that Africa has made on the health care front. I applaud the vision of BGIL Pharma but would like to re-iterate that Africa still has a long way to go and it will take patriotic leadership and everyone's input for the problem to be stamped out."

Ms Helen Cereti
Former Miss Cameroon, Lyon - France
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"Most health care systems in Africa, especially sub-Saharan countries are focused on acute, short term treatment, and of fighting long and ongoing battles against infectious and other tropical diseases, maternal and child mortality. It would be worthwhile to highlight the fact that, the steady increase of chronic health conditions and an increase in life expectancy of people living with HIV in most African countries underscores the need for preserving good health and widening our approach to healthcare. It will not be an exaggeration to suggest that successful health outcomes in Africa should be defined by the lack of need to go to the hospital except for routine medical check ups and scheduled immunizations. The incessant need to build more hospitals and clinics should be viewed as a of lack of progress and failure to positively impact the health of the people. I am excited that BGIL Pharma has caught this vision and is running with it. I applaud your efforts."

Dr Kometa Shende
Associate Professor, University of Bamenda, Cameroon
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"More grease to your elbows…BGiL Pharma. Supplying African nations with US manufactured pharmaceuticals is a giant leap in the right direction. The global counterfeit drug trade, which has rapidly risen to a multi-billion dollar industry is flourishing in Africa. Markets are flooded with fake and inferior quality drugs putting consumers at risk of not getting any therapeutic benefit from the purchased drug. Thousands if not hundreds of thousands have lost their lives and many more have been maimed. "

Dr Valence Ndip
Pharmacie Mondiale, Douala, Cameroon
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"BGIL Pharma is a sure need for a great continent, providing excellent and high quality products to establishments in Africa. I would have no hesitation recommending its services to any government and private enterprise in Africa as well as individuals for carefully sourced pharmaceutical products. The variety of high end products offered and the ability to match competitive rates makes BGIL an establishment that would enhance drug safety. I am delighted that Africa would benefit from BGIL and commend all its effort to improve health and life"

Mrs Elozona Uzoegwu-Umeh
MPH. Essex-England, UK
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"Most sub-Saharan African countries have weak social security systems with healthcare networks and infrastructure that need urgent improvement. Ready availability of cost-effective (affordable good quality) drugs is an important element of every sound healthcare system. Fake and counterfeit medicines flourish in the informal sector in these countries and, at times, find their way into the official supply chain. The range of vital medicines available in these countries is often limited and, very often, simple life-saving medicines have to be ordered from overseas at astronomical costs as an emergency. Hence, the initiative by BGiL to supply the African market with US-made drugs is a bold step in the right direction. It will no doubt play an important part to make good quality pharmaceuticals readily available where they are largely needed. Started by Africans for the primary benefit of the African market, it is hoped that African health pros will help give BGiL its rightful place in the African pharmaceutical market and healthcare network as a whole". "

Dr Clifford N. Ngwa (MRPharmS)
Independent Pharmacy Practitioner, Douala – Cameroon & Bristol, England – UK.
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"Thank you BGiL Pharma for this encouraging and bold move. I hold the opinion that substandard drugs in Africa which are the result of poor manufacturing or deliberate corner-cutting are a much bigger health problem than fake medicines. These bad drugs are responsible for the rise in drug-resistant strains of diseases like tuberculosis and malaria. Africa has very weak health care systems that are totally unable to track and curb super-bugs (multi-drug resistant pathogens) hence the need for patients to take the right drug and the proper dose for treating infections and other diseases."

Dr Wanyu Louis, PhD.
Wayne State University, Detroit Michigan, USA

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