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BGiL Health is a healthcare professional services firm operating in emerging and resource limited economies in Africa. The reputation of BGiL Health on the African continent is built on honest, dependable relationships our satellite partners have developed with clients.

BGiL Health has established business ties with several African countries, whose vision for a healthier Africa mimics that of BGiL Health. Our local partners have an excellent mastery of their local markets and provide exceptional assistance to our consumers. With a seasoned team of experienced and committed representatives, BGI Health has the ability to reach every country and every major city on the African continent and is familiar with the convoluted logistic difficulties faced by most African countries. The service we provide to our clientele is based on a thorough understanding of systems and processes on the African continent.

Africa is far from homogeneous and represents diverse countries, markets, communities and development stages. BGiL Health has a targeted business strategy that focuses on specific countries and regions and has the rare ability to identify key market segments and forecast demand in different countries and regions.